Flip Royale Slot Review

Flip Royale Slot Review
May 5, 2022

Flip Royale Slot Review

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While Quickspin has a variety of other slot machines that are quite innovative, Flip Royale is a more traditional option. They describe it as a game built for beginners, a slot machine that is modern but simple to understand, has low volatility, and is predicted to pay out frequently.

There are 10 paylines on the Flip Royale slot, which has 5×3 reels. There are a few features to choose from, including free spins and the Coin Flip. Even though the slot’s volatility is projected to be Medium, the biggest wins you can expect are up to 433x your stake. On the RTP front, things are looking good, with a total of 96.19 percent projected to be returned to players.

Prizes and Betting

It only takes a $0.10 wager to activate the 10 lines and start the reels spinning. Higher stakes are also available, with single-round wagers of up to $1,000 conceivable.

Even while the stakes might be quite high, the highest rewards are in the opposite direction, and even in the best-case scenario, they’re tiny. During testing, the largest win was 433 times the investment.

That kind of payoff is good for a low volatility slot, but this is a Medium (3/5 rating), so more would have been ideal.

Despite the modest maximum rewards, the RTP appears to be acceptable, with a return of 96.19 percent. The regular game contributes 70.53 percent, while the free spins only contribute 25.61 percent.

Features of the Flip Royale Slot Machine

The Coin Flip is one of the more interesting aspects of the Flip Royale game. It necessitates the entire coverage of 1 or more reels with Coin symbols of the same sort. During free spins, this will be triggered on each and every round.

When the Coin Flip feature is activated, each coin generates an additional coin that is placed in a random position on the reels. The triggering Coins, as well as the ones they generate, will turn into wild symbols. Fill a reel with these extra Coins, and they’ll grow to fill new spaces, transforming other symbols into Coin Wilds.

Wild Coins, of course, can be used to replace any ordinary symbol, and they can even pay out on their own. A prize of 2x to 10x the bet will be awarded if 3 to 5 symbols are aligned on a line.

You’ll need 3 to 5 Bonus Scatters on the reels to activate the free spins, which range from 6 to 20 rounds long. Every round, you’ll be certain to get the Coin Flip.

Design & Theme

This slot machine, based purely on the concept of a coin flip, did not manage to create the most exciting design ever, despite the fact that the theme it employs is unique. There aren’t many intriguing visuals in this image, even in the backdrop.

The five Royals (10-A) on the reels are the ones with the lowest value. The coins are valuable, and there are four of them made of various metals (nickel, bronze, silver, gold). There’s also a Bonus sign, as well as a Wild Coin.


Flip Royale slot tries something fresh with its features, and for that reason alone, I’d recommend it. It’s approachable, thanks to a manageable level of volatility, but its biggest prizes aren’t going to excite anybody.