Sport Recife Vs Flamengo Betting : Odds & Predictions

Sport Recife Vs Flamengo Betting : Odds & Predictions
December 1, 2021

Sport Recife Vs Flamengo Betting : Odds & Predictions

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After briefly keeping their title trusts alive in the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A previous this week, Flamengo will fight Sport Recife on Friday from Arena Pernambuco. Leao need a success assuming they are to get an opportunity to remain in the top flight in 2022, as they sit nine points behind the relegation line with three matches remaining, while triumph is an absolute necessity for Flamengo too in addition to they need some assistance from Bahia to have a shot at the homegrown title.

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Sport Recife Vs Flamengo Betting Odds

Team Bet365 Betway 1xbet
Sport Recife 5.60 5.40 5.50
Flamengo 1.50 1.57 1.62

Sport Recife Vs Flamengo Tips & Prediction

Time is expiring for Recife, who have shown an absence of attacking aspiration the entire year and will require a ton of things to go right to stay in Serie A next season.

Very little has changed for this gathering with the appearance of Gustavo Florentin as administrator, as he has utilized similar guarded leaning methodology as his archetype, Umberto Louzer.

At the point when you take a gander at their absence of value in the field, you can comprehend the reason why they like to wait and retain loads of strain as their spilling is messy, and they battle to keep up with ownership for significant length. Coming into this experience, they have just lost one of their past six home challenges, so they will be confident that they can get themselves out of their present position.

It might appear to be a difficult task for this group to remain in Serie A past this season, yet not exclusively are two of their last three matches at home, yet their last street game is against Chapecoense, who are now consigned and have not won a home installation in the association this year.

This is a group equipped for defending adequately with more than twelve clean sheets in 2021, sadly however they neglect to get the ball up the field rapidly enough to get their adversaries on the break.

Their fate is as of now not in their own hands, but Urubu did how they needed to deal with keep the chance of another league title on the table for the time being. They scored three minutes into their experience on Tuesday and addressed the Ceara equalizer from Rick with a victor a short ways from the end.

It took a great deal for this group to continue to battle recently, just a short time in the wake of enduring what needed to have been a tragic loss in additional opportunity to Palmeiras in the last of the Copa Libertadores.

By and by, Mauricio Souza is in the driver’s seat once again of this club after a shared arrangement was gone after Renato Gaucho to leave, so the previous right hand, presently interval manager needs to figure out how to help this groups resolve the remainder of the way.

Dissimilar to a ton of clubs in Serie A, Flamengo are not reluctant to go into an unfriendly area and face huge challenges, and their forceful methodology has paid off, scoring different goals in five straight homegrown street challenges and they have not lost away from home in league play since a 3-1 loss to Fluminense in October.

When they hit the field for this game, they will definitely know whether or not they actually have a shot to get Atletico Mineiro for the homegrown crown, so we will see what sort of an effect that will have on the attitude of this gathering when this match starts.


This match may not make any difference for Flamengo, yet regardless of whether Atletico Mineiro can secure the title on Thursday, Flamengo are as yet a side who are far better than Recife, as Urubu are comparable at guarding, and they have just been closed out once in a Serie A apparatus since October.