TNT Tumble Dream Drop Slot Review

TNT Tumble Dream Drop Slot Review
July 13, 2022

TNT Tumble Dream Drop Slot Review

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One of the slot machines from Relax Gaming receives some adjustments and gains access to the Dream Drop network of progressive jackpots. The name of the new game, which was constructed on top of a slot machine that was initially published in 2020, is TNT Tumble Dream Drop. The gameplay won’t be improved, but the original game’s RTP and profitability have changed in order to make way for Dream Drop.

The action in TNT Tumble Dream Drop takes place on 5 reels with 7 symbols apiece and has a Cluster Pays configuration (35 symbols present). Typically, you may win up to 10,000 times your original wager, but there’s also a chance you could win one of several progressive jackpots. The overall RTP is just 94 percent, which is obviously inferior to the original. In addition to the Dream Drop Bonus, there are TNT Blocks, multipliers, and free spins inside.

TNT Tumble Dream Drop Slot Betting and Prizes

The player can choose to wager anywhere from $0.20 and $100 per spin; the choice is totally up to them.

Rewards on the ordinary side of the slot machine can be as much as 10,000 times the bet, which is respectable. There are approximately five different progressive jackpots offered by the Dream Drop network, with the Mega version, worth more than $500,000, being the best.

Since the progressive portion of the slot is included in the overall RTP, which is 94 percent, I wouldn’t anticipate the normal portion of the slot to be as profitable as you recall.

Features of TNT Tumble Dream Drop Slot

In a Cluster Pays slot, matching symbols must occur three or more times in a row or reel in order to form combos. To get rid of winning symbols and provide you more opportunities to construct combinations, there are cascading reels.

Additionally, wild symbols will appear; they serve as substitutes but cannot be eliminated by drops. Instead, they descend when there is a vacant space below, eventually hitting the ground.

TNT Blocks must first be placed adjacent to symbols that are affected by the drop mechanic in order for them to explode and erase those symbols.

TNT symbols are used to eliminate blocker spots. When you complete this action with all of them, you are awarded 6 free spins. Additionally, you can also claim additional spins and multipliers of up to 3x within. Progressive jackpots are triggered randomly by a unique bonus feature.

Theme & Design

The symbols on the slot machine reflect the idea of gemstone mining. On the reels, you can also find TNT, crystals, or Wild Drills in addition to different kinds of stones. It has a respectable appearance without going overboard. The symbol selection doesn’t provide us with a compelling narrative.


Overall, it functions as a progressive jackpot slot, but if you want the version with the highest chances, I still advise playing the original. The slot returns 10,000 times the bet which is a good return.