Tombstone RIP Slot Review

Tombstone RIP Slot Review
May 9, 2022

Tombstone RIP Slot Review

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Tombstone RIP, a Wild West-themed slot machine recently created by Nolimit City, looks to be one of the company’s most memorable offerings. That’s saying a lot since this is a developer who has already released a number of excellent games in the last year or so. Beyond the typical great features and frightening images, what makes this slot machine unique? It has a world-record-breaking top prize, which is exactly the kind of thing I want to see in games to make them stand out.

Tombstone RIP features 5 reels, each with 2-3-3-3-1 symbols and a total of 108 active lines/ways to win (the last reel counts as 2). The top jackpot, which is conceivable inside, will be worth 300,000 times the bet. The price is an outrageously high level of volatility, as well as a relatively low hit frequency of only 9.08 percent and a potential RTP of 96.08 percent. There are numerous elements to investigate, including xNudge Wilds, standard and splitting wilds, scatters, various types of free spins, and the xRIP concept.

Prizes and Betting

To begin playing Tombstone RIP, all you have to do is choose a bet. The prices range from $0.10 to $50, and how much you use is entirely up to you.

The highest payout, above and beyond everything else on offer, is what distinguishes this slot machine. In Tombstone RIP, the maximum prize is worth 300,000x the bet, yet it’s clear that winning it will be very impossible. They’ve ensured that the top prize smashes all previous records, but at the cost of the game’s extraordinarily high volatility.

With a hit frequency of approximately 9.08 percent, only about 1 out of every 11 rounds will be a winner for you.

The RTP will either be 96.08 percent or lower, depending on the casino’s preference. Look for the highest RTP possible; you’ll need all the luck you can get.

Features of the Tombstone RIP Slot

The fact that Tombstone RIP combines mechanics like xRIP is one of the reasons why it’s such a difficult game to benefit from. It will not award you prizes if the amount you wagered was less than the amount you won on a winning spin. Because the low-paying combinations only pay out at most 0.9x the stake for a 5-symbol combination, this will happen frequently, and you will not be able to collect winnings.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the fifth reel symbol will count as two, giving you a total of 108 opportunities to win with that limited arrangement.

Stacked wilds are present in the game and appear on reels 2-4, however they always cover the entire reel when they appear. They simply nudge into place, and the multiplier for them increases by one every time they move.

On the last four reels, you can also collect normal wilds. They can act as substitutes just like everyone else; they just don’t have any extra mechanics.

Splitting Wilds can also be found on reels 3-5. These also break in two, as do the remainder of the symbols that appear in their columns. This increases the number of ways to win by doubling the number of symbols.

It’s possible to get an xSplit Wild on the last reel, which counts as two wilds. Some of the symbols from earlier reels will be divided, and this can happen in a variety of ways, increasing the amount of opportunities to win again. When the xNudge Wild is split, the multiplier is doubled.

There are two sorts of free spins available. You’ll need a combination of scatters to land at the same moment to get them. With simply the Hang em High scatters appearing on reels 2-4, you can get your own set of free spins, totaling eight.

You’ll get 10 Boothill Free Spins if you get those three and a Boothill scatter on the fifth reel. Even if you don’t meet the free spins requirements, the Boothill scatter is worth noting because it changes into a Cowboy Wild with a multiplier of up to 999x.

Hang em High is an 8-round mode in which you gain bigger multipliers everytime wilds appear and the game never resets. The 300,000x jackpot has a 1 in 1.36 million chance of being won. It’s 1 in 194 that you’ll obtain this feature.

Boothill: can multiply total wins by up to 999x, and the Cowboy Wilds can spread to cover more symbols. It’s extremely difficult to get in, with a 1 in 85k chance of triggering this feature. Once there, the chances of winning the top jackpot are 1 in 16,000.

Design & Theme

The usage of the word RIP in the slot’s design is pretty literal, so you’ll see individuals hanging from nooses on the reels. It’s also the creepiest-looking Wild West slot I’ve ever seen, so that’s something else that sets it apart from the competition.

Their symbols range from Royals (five of them, numbered from 10 to A) to representations of the many men and women who appear in the story. There will also be a variety of wilds and scatters.


One of the most unforgettable slot machines you’re likely to come across is Tombstone RIP. It can be difficult to hold on to for the typical player due to its spooky aesthetics and ridiculously high volatility levels.